Did your Vanderhall experience any of the following issues?

  • Engine power failure
  • Power steering not working properly, power steering issues
  • Roll Bar failed to protect the driver or not fasted correctly
  • Failure of EBCM braking features
  • Ignition failure
  • Oil leaks
  • Erratic behavior of ABS or anti-lock brake sensors
  • Erratic behavior of traction control system
  • Failure of any of the following systems: control module; electronic stability control/stabilitrac control module, anti-lock brake system/electronic brake control module, electronic power steering module, and body control module
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The Vanderhall is a front-wheel drive vehicle and the engine is sourced with component parts from General Motors.

The use of parts designed for a four-wheel automobile in a three-wheel motorcycle presents engineering challenges not easily overcome.

Vanderhall owners have reported many, repeatable service issues ranging from low impacting to potentially life threatening mechanical failures.

The issues on new vehicles have ranged from:

  • front end brakes needing replacement or maintenance,
  • front end axle needing replacement,
  • ruptured CV boot failures,
  • turbo coupler replaced,
  • cruise control malfunction,
  • erroneous missing bolts,
  • steering column boot, exhaust pipe replacement,
  • unknown shaking and rattling,
  • headlamp adjustments,
  • misaligned front end causing uneven tire wear,
  • replacement of the main drive shaft due to leaks in the drive system,
  • engine control problems where the engine will not shut off when the ignition key is removed,
  • cracked windshields,
  • computer and ABS problems.

In a recent lawsuit that was filed against Vanderhall it is alleged that:

·         Vanderhall failed to design an adequate roll bar.

·         Vanderhall did not adequately design the seatbelt system.

·         Vanderhall failed to provide traction/stability control functions for the Vanderhall.

·         Vanderhall failed to configure the ABS, EBCM, and power steering modules.

·         Vanderhall failed to adjust the General Motors’ component parts from a four-wheeled vehicle to a three-wheel vehicle.

·         Vanderhall designed the three-wheel vehicle so that the weight to be heavily distributed to the front of the Vanderhall which can lead to handling issues.

·         Furthermore, Vanderhall motorcycles may experience steering, breaking, or power failures.


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